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April 2020 Creatives of the Month

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Many creatives and creative entrepreneurs operate their businesses from the support of online communities.

Here at ForTheWxnners, community if everything. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce you to a few of our favorite creatives each month.

We’re dedicating the month of April to a few photographers that we love.

1. Jake Wangner

Twitter: @insvin

Instagram: @jakewangner

Location: Dallas, Texas

Style: Moody and abstract

2. Justin Hardiman

Twitter: @kail_soul

Instagram: @kail_soul

Location: Jackson, Mississippi

Style: Eclectic

3. Hannah Dimmitt

Twitter: @peachyhannah

Instagram: @hannahdimmitt

Location: Dallas, Texas

Style: Retro and spunky

4. BriscoePark

Twitter: @briscopark

Instagram: @briscopark

Location: United States

Style: Eerie and sci-fi

Support These Artists

We highly recommend giving these artists a follow on Instagram. Some sell prints, and some sell books. Others are available for booking.

Do you want to be featured in the future? Send us a DM at @ftwcreatives on Twitter.

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